It’s Not Easy Being Green

This is a positive post, I promise!

I feel recently like I’ve lost my environmental mojo. But I am making a conscious effort to not let myself fall into apathy. Not to get too tin-foil-hat about it but big business relies on our apathy, our fatigue, and our indifference to maintain their profit margins. In a world where we are continuously scapegoated (especially millennials) for eating avocados or watching Netflix, and supposedly single-handedly destroying the environment, we need to remain vigilant and call bullsh*t what it is.

Nothing you do is without negative consequences. No matter what you do, you’re making things worse some way. I had this realisation in one my lectures recently, where my lecturer was talking about how the maps that ecologists make of forest fragments or rare species etc. are used by logging companies and poachers to achieve their nefarious goals. These scientists are trying understand those aspects of ecology more and potentially conserve them, only to further in it’s destruction. You can apply this idea to anything, really. No matter how eco-friendly you live your life it’s a net-negative impact, unfortunately. Naturally, this is not the fault of the person trying to make things better, but it does inspire a feeling of ‘what is the point then?’ness.

Anywayyyy, you will make yourself sick if you try to understand the environmental consequences of every decision you make. If you’re a The Good Place fan then you’ll relate. The world is painfully complicated now. Everything you do makes things slightly worse in some way, but that’s okay. That’s one of the many unfortunate consequences of being human and having some self-awareness. So, rather than focus on all the things going wrong, for a change I’m going to look at some positive things!

Finally, some good f*cking environmental news:

Sure, we’re probably heading for environmental ruin and some apocalyptic hellscape beyond that. But credit where credit is due, we’re trying our best. Here are some things that have brightened my life recently.

The gordon rmsay meme "delicious. Finally, some good f*cking environemntal news"

Nudes for Australian Wildfire relief:


One brave girl deserves our respect, raising over $1million for the Aus wildfire relief effort by selling her nudes. We stan a queen. People are getting real mad about it. Her family have disowned her. Honestly, as a woman people are going to sexualise you and try to use you for their own dirty ends no matter what. So, why not raise money to save the world while you’re at it? It’s obviously working and if you have a problem with it, it says more about you than it does her. Save the koalas! You can donate here.

Thailand plastic bag ban:

At the turn of the new decade Thailand introduced a plastic bag ban. Which is pretty great news on its own, but the ingenuity of the locals in carrying their shopping was the real star of this show.

The Ocean clean up – mission 1 complete!

You have probably heard of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is the possibly (no one is sure) the size of Texas. Well, the clean up successfully completed its first mission last month! The plastic will be recycled into new goods for sale and the last remaining kinks in the technology ironed out so that the patch can be cleaned completely!

It’s hard to be green, but at least we’re trying. Green looks different on everybody. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments!

Jessica x

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