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I’m An ‘Eco’ Hoarder

I am a few days away from being finished with my degree and just under a week away from having to move (again). I am not someone who travels light, a constant source of stress for myself and those around me. But who am I without all my things?? No one. Anyway, as I am once more sifting through all my clothes and other things that I have accumulated, I realised something. Being environmentally aware has turned me into a hoarder. Some hereditary tendencies come into as well, I’m sure. But I keep things because I don’t really know what to do with them and feel guilty about just chucking them.

This is largely because:

  • I know what will happen to these items if I throw them away.
  • I know what will likely happen to them if I recycle them.
  • I know what will likely happen if I donate them.

They’ll end up in landfill. Or worse.

Take, for example, my old worn out gym trainers. I don’t need them any more, I have new ones that actually support my feet. I can’t donate them because they are worn out and who would want them. It would just mean they’d be thrown out next week and not today. Nike will apparently take any brand of athletic shoe to be recycled at participating stores, so I will have a look into that. Alternatively, you could donate to a charity, that shoes the needy abroad such as Sal’s Shoes or Shoe Aid.


I also have a big bag full of old make up, that I kid myself I will use again. If I’m honest with myself I know I only use max like 5 products so the bag of 50 will go forever unused. I have, in the past, seen the above bins in Boots but I am not sure if they are still hosting them, the website says very little. There are also the TerraCycle schemes which are free to use and set up, if there isn’t a collection point already near you.

Essentially this post serves as a public name and shame for myself. Marie Kondo your life, gal. But also I am lamenting the consumerist society that we are trapped in, and the existential crisis it is forcing me to have as I sit in front of my overflowing wardrobe. Just stop buying clothes, I hear you say. I cannot, unfortunately. I will not.

If you have any thoughts or tips please, leave them below!

Jessica xx

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5 thoughts on “I’m An ‘Eco’ Hoarder

  1. W. M. Brown says:

    Thank you for acknowledgement and honesty about the reality of recycling. One of the horrid realities of recycling is that the largest percentage of what we think will be recycled will actually be shipped to third world countries to be processed — especially plastics.

    There, the recyclables will be sorted with much of it being unacceptable for a myriad of reasons. These items will then be landfilled or burned.

    In addition to the ecological failures. This a moral travesty as well as the developed countries are exploiting people and nature in under-developed countries. The developed countries are using the third world countries as their trash bin.

    Recycling is important. Of the three R’s it is far, far more important to reduce consumption and to reuse and repurpose what we consume, when reasonably applicable.

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  2. Zoe says:

    Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration for how to reuse items. You’re sure to find old trainers that have been repurposed into plant pots or makeup reused as paint for art projects. The Scrapstore is my favourite charity. They take in bulk quantities of packaging, fabrics and any other materials that can be used by schools and children’s nurseries for art and craft projects. They also take old tools and craft or office equipment. There are branches all over the country.

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