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Bye 2018

I have been a bit absent of late, I fell briefly out of love with my blog (and I have had a lot of pressure from uni). I have been feeling that I preach too much and, honestly, who am I to tell anyone else what to do. I have since come to the conclusion that I am only human and am trying – so, I’m gonna cut myself some slack. In the spirit of transparency, this post is an honest look back at my attempts at sustainability for 2018. I realise we are well into January now, but you’ll just have to forgive me that.

A lot happened for me in 2018 – I graduated with my bachelors degree, started my masters, visited Africa for the first time, missed my first ever flight, voluntarily put myself up for an ‘election’ (and ‘won’), and started this blog! When you reach New Year, you often find yourself lamenting how quickly the year has gone, but it’s quite likely you’ve achieved more than you think. Either way, I have big plans for 2019!

Sustainable 2018?

Sustainable Periods:

I LOVE my reusable period products. So much so I almost get excited about my period because I’m such a great person for using reusable products (joking, obviously). But seriously, it does make me feel much better about my suffering, knowing that I’ve reduced my impact on the environment.

I talk about periods in this post.



Safety Razor

Finally shaving like the gentleman I am

Okay, so this is still one of my favourite ‘zero-waste’ swaps. It’s great! I don’t really shave that much currently because I’m lazy and I don’t really leave the house much any more. BUT I still love it, you’re always guaranteed to have a usable razor that isn’t going to fuck your legs up or give you tetanus because you left it in the shower for too long.

I talk about my razor more in this post.


Shampoo and Conditioner:

The clay ‘shampoo’ I tried, I used probably twice simply because it was so much effort to wash myself and then do some washing-up after (you have to mix it up). It does clean your hair but also not as clean as a conventional shampoo would. I now use a shampoo bar – so no plastic bottles and much easier.

The apple cider vinegar conditioner, I still use but I use it in addition to a conditioner bar (a solid block of conditioner you rub on your head) to make my hair super shiny!


DIY Body Butter:

My finished homemade body butter, in a repurposed body shop tub

smells better than it looks

I made some body butter. It smelled amazing. I haven’t really used it much recently because you have to wait for it to soak into your skin. It does make your skin very soft though (and smell great). I also have a stockpile of moisturiser from Christmases past that I’m trying to work through before I make/buy any more moisturiser.


Metal straws:

Metal straws are great, and so fancy! However,  my clumsy self would lose her face if it wasn’t strapped to her head – so these straws are at great risk of never being seen again. I have so far avoided losing my straws by never taking them anywhere with me, they are my house straws. The constant losing and purchasing of reusable straws would likely end up in a much greater footprint that if I just used disposables. Leaving my reusable straws at home is probably a very sensible thing to do for me but it does mean that I end up using (sometimes plastic) straws outside the house. Especially if I’m drunk – straws are never as appealing as they are after a few drinks.

I talk about plastic straws and their reusable alternatives in this post (I got into a pretty heated argument with a Facebook mum over this post – she was mad mad).



My homemade deodorant looking very brown and chocolatey.

This was white and now it’s a chocolate pudding.

You may recall that I tried to make my own roll-on deodorant. Well, it worked for a bit but it ended up just going brown and all solid. So, I decided to make a different one using this recipe – this one was more solid and you had to use your fingers to put it on. I used it for a month or so and it started going brown and smelling weird. On top of that, it gave me a very sore rash under my arms (which makes sense, as the key ingredient is bicarbonate of soda – you live and you learn). After two failed attempts at making my own deodorant, I’ve decided to go back to a conventional roll-on deodorant for now, but will look into some more earth and body friendly alternatives when I have the time.



Bamboo toothbrush


The bamboo toothbrush is something that I love and still use! It’s a toothbrush.



A screen cap of fight club with an overlay of text saying "the first rule of vegan club is always talk about vegan club"

A couple of months back wrote a post pledging to try harder at being vegan – unfortunately, I lied. I tried a little bit, but I’m about as close to being vegan as I am to fitting into a size 6 (not close at all). I want to be vegan theoretically and morally but I have the willpower of an untrained puppy. Maybe this year will be the year.


Travel mug:

My mum bought me a ceramic My Little Pony takeaway coffee mug (I don’t have a pic, unfortunately), which I  loved and used religiously for months. That was, until I realised I left it in a sink in London about two weeks ago, and was too hungover to go back for it. Hopefully, she won’t read this. I am torn between buying a new one and just leaving it – it’s either the footprint of an additional mug simply because I am an idiot or the guilt of having lost something my mum bought me.


There were some other things I changed this year but I’m pretty sure I’ve stuck with most of those – these are just the highlights 😂.

This year is going to be tough for me but I am looking forward to it! But that also means that I will probably be blogging less than I would like to.


Let’s chat soon, Jessica xoxo


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3 thoughts on “Bye 2018

  1. ajeanneinthekitchen says:

    If we all did our “little bits” the world would be a much better place. You are living life on your terms, and you are helping the environment. We all can get a little “preachy” sometimes about things we are passionate about. If people can’t handle that, then it is their problem, not yours.


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