So, this is a really short post about another way for you to give to charity by just living you life (similar to the ones I covered in this post). I’m talking about Aidbox! This is a email add-on that donates money to charity of your choice every time  you send an email!


All you need to do is head over to the website and create an account. You then choose the charity you want to be supporting with your emails and they give you the image to paste into your email signature .

A screenshot of the aidbox website where you select your chosen charity.


They have six organisations supporting things from Type 1 diabetes to investing in Solar power! They are constantly finding new partners to work with – they are relatively new so there are only a few at the moment! I, of course, chose to support the climate charity. The money is given to the charities by the supporting sponsor who are essentially paying to advertise in your emails. But, I naturally just filter ads anyway when I’m looking at something so it’s money for nothing, in my opinion.


A screenshot of an email featuring the Aidbox.

I tried to install in the signature from emails on my phone (which is often where I respond to my emails)  but it, unfortunately,  didn’t work. I checked and Android doesn’t support HTML on their outgoing email! So annoying! I’ll just have to settle for having it on all my desktop log-ins. You can see a list of supported apps here.


The pinterest in for 'Aidbox' -features an example email

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Jessica xx

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